Height of the Center of Gravity

Hi. I was going through the specifications of the Traxxas car, the one recommended in the building tutorial. I found that there are other alternatives available to the one recommended. Some of these alternatives include XO-1 Traxxas XO-1 | Fastest RC Car | 100 MPH RC Car | Traxxas
The thing I wanted to ask is that during the lectures of f1tenth given by Dr.Madhur Behl, he mentioned that researchers have a desire to test vehicles on their handling limits. He also showed a video where the vehicle was about to roll over. Therefore, a vehicle with a lower center of gravity could be a better choice in preventing rollover compared to the recommended model ‘Traxxas Slash 4x4 Platinum Edition’ which is more suitable for rally racing compared to flat track. Hence, I’d like to know if there is any rationale behind using the recommended model and what do researchers think about using other models of Traxxas like the one I mentioned.
Thank you

FYI: The Traxxas XO-1 is bigger then a 1/10th scale, and the rules specifically state the rover should be similar to in size to the slash. FYI: The XO-1 is pretty fragile, and I’d stay away from it for racing. Even with the slash there are ways to lower the CG. Look at some of the previous competition videos to see what I mean. A more appropriate Traxxas vehicle would be the 4Tec 3.0. But this is missing the point. The idea of the series is for everyone a similar setup, and make it about the software not the hardware.