ICRA 2021 Workshop "Opportunities and Challenges with Autonomous Racing"

At this years IEEE ICRA 2021 conference we will organize a workshop with the topic “Opportunities and Challenges with Autonomous Racing”. We will have 8 international speakers and 12 scientific paper presentations to the following topics:

  • Modeling vehicle dynamics at high-speeds
  • Head-to-head multi-agent racing
  • AI-enabled racing solutions
  • Overtaking strategies
  • State-estimation of opponents
  • Racing simulation at scale
  • Limits of perception, localization, and planning at high-speeds.
  • Adversarial vs Cooperative
  • Balancing safe vs aggressive driving policies
  • Hardware-software co-design for autonomous racing
  • Hardware AI accelerators for perception
  • Software stack and architectures for racing

The workshop is held on the 31st of May from 09 am - 5 pm (Eastern Time) and is online only. You can register directly on the workshop website: Opportunities and Challneges with Autonomous Racing

Looking forward to see you there!