Issues using a different VESC

Hello everyone.

I am using a VESC 75/300 with 5.2 firmware preinstalled. I used windows based VESC tools and easily tuned the PID for the motor. The Windows PC was successfully able to run the motor. The firmware was the default file and there is no custom file with “servoout.bin”.

However, now that I am in Linux, I can’t run BLDC tools because of the version mismatch. I thought that it wouldn’t be a problem because I have already configured the VESC in windows but I get this error:

what(): SerialException device reports readiness to write but returned no data

What I do not understand is that BLDC Tools GitHub provides the file “tool/firmwares/hw_410_411_412/VESC_servoout.bin.” which may not be compatible with my VESC. Should I somehow force this file to my VESC even if it can potentially damage it?

Does anyone know how to resolve these problems that arise due to different VESC or hardware?

Also in general, how does one create an interface between any VESC and the VESC drivers that come with the cloned workspace?
People also had the same problem in the google group but nobody answered yet.

The exact Trampa Board VESC is not available in my region.

I believe that you cannot use BLDC tool with newer VESC firmwares, it is not compatible. For them you have to stick to the VESC tool.

Also, if there is not an available firmware with servo-out, you will have to create it yourself. Just follow the instructions on the firmware github: GitHub - vedderb/bldc: The code for my custom BLDC controller.


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