Powerboard for F1tenth cars


I am currently working with my professor at my university to put together the F1tenth car. We have everything listed on the bill of materials but is there any reference for how to powerboard is put together? I can see that it is sold in multiple parts but when looking through the build tab on the website there is no instructions on how the powerboard is assembled, as it is already assembled in the tutorial. Any information would be great

Thank you

I successfully hand-built a couple of the “v9.0” power boards described in the Google drive folder. There’s a document “powerboard_v9_designators” which shows the layout of components. I just followed that and soldered all the parts in place. The car seems to work well with this board powering the Jetson and the LIDAR.

Google Drive link

The power board that is listed on the master bill of materials seems to be “v4.0” power board, and we’ve already purchased it’s materials. Is there any documentation for that version somewhere, I can’t find any of these google drive links? I cannot seem to find any open information about it. Would the “v4.0” power board still work with the Jetson and the LIDAR or should we order the “v9.0”?

I included a link to the Google Drive folder for the v9 power board in my previous post.

I built this as a hobby project, not associated with any institution. I randomly decided to use the v9 power board because 9 is bigger than 4. The Jetson NX and the 10LX LIDAR both run off 12V, so if those are what you are using any board that provides a stable 12V should be good. The v9 board also has 5V outputs, possibly useful if you have any devices like cameras that need 5V. However the v9 board uses SMT components which are significantly harder to solder than the thru-hole components on the v4 board.

Some of the pictures in the build docs show the v4 board (e.g. Fig. 42), and some show the v9 board (e.g. 37, 44, 53, 62, 63). From Fig. 42 it looks like the silkscreen on the v4 board indicates the component values for the resistors and capacitors. What documentation do you need beyond this?

Which document has the figures for the v4 board? I can’t seem to find any long documents other than the F1TENTH Powerboard v9 data sheet in the google drive link you sent. What you’re describing is exactly what I’m looking for but I can’t seem to find it in the drive.

The build document I used is here. At the bottom of the left blue pane there’s a little triangle to pop up a menu which has the option to save everything as a PDF. The PDF shows the figure numbers I mentioned, whereas the HTML version does not (at least on my browser it doesn’t).

This document does not cover building the power board, but some of the photos might be useful.

Out of curiosity, how long did it take you to build a couple of the v9 boards? We are planning to build 3 F1Tenth vehicles and are currently trying to source all of the components for the v9 board

the build document link in this message is broken